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The 2015 Guide to Medicare Supplements in Phoenix AZ

Retaining good health is one of the main concerns people have after retiring. If you would like to experience a happy and healthy retirement, you need to make sure your Medicare coverage suits your needs. If your Medicare coverage is not suitable to your current needs, you will experience unpredictable and expensive out of pocket costs. That’s why you should consider all of the different offers for Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ.

Traditional Medicare plans only cover hospitalization and routine care coverage. Typically, that is not enough to cover all of your health issues. That is the reason why you should explore your options when it comes to Medicare supplement plans. You need to check out all the benefits of Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ, so you can make a smart choice.

The benefits of Medicare supplements

By the time you reach the age of 65 and have regularly paid your social security taxes, you immediately become eligible for Original Medicare. Original Medicare insurance covers hospitalization costs referred to as Part A, and medical routine care costs referred to as Part B.

Medicare coverage plans Part A and B don’t cover all health care bills. To fill in the gaps in the Original Medicare policies, we can use the different Medicare supplement plans, also known as Medigap plans. These Medicare supplement plans cover co-pays and deductibles for hospitalization, doctor visits and other medical services. The main benefit is that they save you from unexpected out of pocket costs.


Beneficiaries of medicare supplement policies enjoy coverage on extra expenses such as coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ can only be bought together with Original Medicare. To be eligible for Medicare supplement plans, you must have Medicare Part A and Part B coverage.

Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ are classified by ten letters, A through N, excluding E, H, I, and J. Each lettered plan offers more benefits than the previous one. For example, a Medigap A policy is the most basic policy, whereas a Medigap B policy offers more extended benefits, but not as much as a Medigap C policy.

All Medigap plans are standardized and they offer similar benefits, no matter which company provides them. The only difference is the premium that different companies charge you with. Not all Medigap insurance providers are required to sell all policies A through L, so you should carefully explore the different Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ.

The most common type of plan obtained by nearly 40% of all Medicare beneficiaries in the United States is Medigap plan F. All medigap plans exclude additional coverage, such as dental, vision or hearing care, but some offer coverage for overseas travel.

Shopping for Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ

In order to be eligible to obtain a Medigap plan, you should already have Original Medicare coverage. This means you should be aged 65 or over. People who are younger than 65 and have a permanent disability or End-Stage Renal disease can also get this plan.

Beneficiaries may enroll in a Medicare supplement plan in Arizona during the six-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period. This period starts on the first day of the month of which the beneficiary turns 65 years old.


The Medigap Open Enrollment Period is called the ‘right period’ because only then can you enroll in a Medigap plan of your choosing without any influence from your previous medical conditions. After the six-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period, Medigap insurance providers can charge higher premiums due to your pre-existing medical conditions.

Choosing the right plan in 2015

Buying a Medicare supplement plan can be confusing. In order to get the most suitable plan, you should carefully compare all the benefits you get from different providers. Several companies offer Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ, so the key is to pick a provider that you are comfortable with.

Your best choice of a Medigap plan will be the one that meets your needs, based upon your medical condition, where you live, and the budget you can invest on medical care.


Medicare Supplemental Insurance providers change rates throughout the year, so if at the beginning of the year you don’t see a change in rates, that doesn’t mean they won’t change them later. As for 2015, no major changes in benefits are expected. However, premiums and your own needs may change, so carefully explore all insurance companies.

Top companies for Medicare supplements in Arizona

· Aetna

· Blue Cross Blue Shield

· Banker Fidelity Life Insurance Company

· Gerber Life

· Humana

· Mutual of Omaha

· United Healthcare AARP


Aetna Medicare Supplement plans can be obtained in addition to Medicare Part A and Part B, so that beneficiaries can pay for deductibles and co-payments. This plan allows members to visit doctors and hospitals of their choosing. The Medigap plans offered are lettered A, B, F, G and N. These plans offer varying coverage, including options for 100% Part B coinsurance, skilled nursing coinsurance, Part A deductible, Part B deductible and foreign travel emergency.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona (BCBSAZ) is the largest company in Arizona that offers health insurance. BCBSAZ offers Senior Security and Senior Preferred plans. The Senior Security plans offered are A, C, F and N with standardized levels of care. Senior Preferred plans, C and N, offer standardized levels of care at lower monthly rates for eligible participants that enroll in one of these plans at age 65, 66 or 67. The network consists of 14000 doctor’s offices in the designated coverage area.

Mutual of Omaha offers eleven Medigap insurance plans in Arizona lettered A through N, excluding E, and J. Each plan includes the basic benefits: Part A hospital coinsurance; Part A extended hospital coverage; Part A hospice outpatient prescription drug copayment and inpatient respite care coinsurance; Part B coinsurance; and Part A and B – the cost of the first three pints of blood. Some of the plans provide benefits such as Skilled Nursing Coinsurance, Part B deductible payments and any foreign travel emergency.

Medigap plans that the AARP offers are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies. Available plans offered are lettered A, B, C, F, K, L and N. You can also add Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) to any of these plans. UnitedHealthcare supplement plans are guaranteed to be renewable, and you cannot be denied coverage based on previous medical conditions or the number of claims filed.

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