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Medicare Supplements in Phoenix AZ – Is Your Current Medicare Plan Right For You?

Whether you are one of the few people who are satisfied with their current Medicare plan, or are looking for something better, it is always a good idea to review other options. If you are trying to improve your health care coverage, you should research Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ and get informed about your options.

Health care is one of the most crucial aspects of your life, so you need to be fully satisfied with your Medicare coverage. The idea that there may exist a better option than your current Medicare plan, opens up a new perspective – an opportunity to learn if something better might be available and more appropriate for you.

Regardless of your current Medicare coverage, you should search for and evaluate all available Medicare plans, including Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ. You should consider the prescription drug benefit that each plan is offering and see which plan offers you the most suitable coverage.

The Medicare plan that worked for you in 2014 may just not be the best option in 2015. Reviewing Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ and planning in advance could help you save a large amount of money on your medical bills. This money saving opportunity is welcome, especially if you foresee a surgery or any special testing and examinations.

What is a Medicare Supplement plan?

If Medicare beneficiaries wish to make changes in their Medicare coverage plan, they can certainly do so by choosing Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ. A medicare supplement plan is referred to as Medigap, since this plan would fill out gaps and complete your original Medicare coverage.

Beneficiaries are offered to choose from a variety of Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ. These medical supplements are classified by letters. Regardless of the insurance company that offers the plan, same lettered Medicare plans offer the same benefits for the beneficiaries.

Even though same-lettered Medicare plans offer the same benefits, they differ by cost. Every company has its own pricing policy when offering Medicare benefits to its users. In general, coverage doesn’t include vision or hearing care, although some additional benefits may be covered (medical coverage while traveling outside the country).

How to evaluate your current Medicare Plan?

In order to determine if your current Medicare plan is the right one for you, there are few crucial things to consider. The first thing is to decide if your current coverage plan meets your needs at the moment, based on your current health condition. The next thing is to determine if there are any changes in the way you can benefit when using your Medicare services.

If you are diagnosed with a health condition that requires a specialized test and your plan doesn’t cover such expenses, you should change it. Start comparing Medicare supplement plans to find which ones offer you the best possible coverage for your current health and needs.


If your doctor retires, and you have a new doctor that doesn’t accept your current Medicare plan, you should choose another option. If your Medicare plan doesn’t provide you with the right Medicare services, you should find the one that offers the best for your health care.

Considering the costs for your current Medicare plan, you should determine a few crucial things. If you are paying more out-of-pocket than expected, or can’t afford to pay for your medications, consider changing your Medicare plan.

In addition, if you spend a lot of money on your prescription drugs, search for a Medicare plan which offers the lowest medication costs. If you pay high prices for specialist services, choose the plan which offers the lowest copayments for specialist visits and services.

If you spend a lot of money on monthly premiums and you are in a good health condition, it is wise to consider the Medicare plan with the lowest premium. However, you should keep in mind that lower premium costs may mean a higher deductible.

Choosing from the available Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ

Although your current Medicare plan coverage may be similar to the Medicare Supplements of the same type, you should perform a careful selection. You should first select the Medicare plan that meets your needs in terms of coverage. Then, you can choose plans within that single plan type, based on your needs and their cost.


If you have Original Medicare, you already know that it is the default category which is managed by the Federal Government. An Original Medicare coverage policy is accepted anywhere Medicare is accepted. This coverage consists of hospital insurance referred to as Part A and medical insurance known as Part B.

When referring to the Original Medicare, it is essential to understand that it doesn’t cover all of your medical costs. Therefore, you should consider a Medicare supplement policy which will cover expenses such as dental care, hearing aids, prescription drugs etc. Medigap helps you out with expenses such as deductibles and coinsurance.

If you prefer having a single plan which includes dental coverage, prescription drug or vision coverage benefits, you should consider Medicare Advantage. This plan includes Part A and Part B and is known as Part C Medicare coverage.

Unlike Original Medicare, the Medicare Advantage coverage plan is managed by private insurance companies. These Advantage plans correspond with other private insurance plans and differ in costs and coverage options. If you choose the Advantage plan, you will have a monthly premium to pay and become a beneficiary to deductibles and coinsurance.

If your Medicare plan no longer meets your budget or health needs, change it for a better Medicare supplement plan. The best Medicare supplements in Phoenix AZ are: Aetna Medicare Supplement, Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona, Mutual of Omaha Medicare and United Healthcare Supplement.


The Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan is an addition to Medicare Part A and Part B. It offers assistance in paying for the additional healthcare costs (copayments and deductibles). This Medicare plan is available in fifteen states across the country. It allows you to choose the doctors and hospitals you want to be checked-into.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona covers the expenses that Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans do not cover. These plans do not work with Medicare Part C and other insurance plans you may have as part of your retirement benefits.

Mutual of Omaha offers Medigap insurance plans that reduce co-pays, deductibles, and premiums for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans. Although these Medigap policies are offered by various private insurance companies, they are all standardized and offer the same coverage.

United Healthcare Supplement Plans offer coverage that is not included in Medicare Parts A and B. They cover expenses such as coinsurance, deductibles and copayments. These Medicare supplement plans may help you cover your annual out-of-pocket expenses.

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