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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans in Arizona

Are you aware of the Medicare Supplemental insurance plans in Arizona? Well, everyone wishes for a healthy and active life however one should also plan for unexpected health issues which can turn up as we age.

There should also be a proper medical insurance coverage plan especially if you are living in Arizona. The people who need supplemental medical insurance mostly are our senior citizens or they are the ones having certain disabilities issues. Some seniors cannot fully support the medical expenses. The US government offers medical insurance to the elderly and disabled people who cannot afford the medical expenses. This insurance is known as Medicare. Also, state provided Medicare has certain age and disability criteria.

People over the age group of 65 can benefit from the services of Medicare. Medicare health insurance cannot cover the whole medical expenses, therefore there remains a need of Medicare Supplemental insurance in Arizona. As the name depicts, these insurance plans supplement the Medicare plans and called as Medicare supplemental insurance plans.

MediGap is among these supplemental insurance plans. The supplemental insurance plans are provided by the authorized private health insurance companies. The people who are already enrolled in the government’s Medicare health care insurance can only avail the Medigap insurance.Medicare supplemental insurance in Arizona


Difference between Medicare and Medigap Insurance policies:

As discussed above, a Medigap supplemental plans are the private health insurance policies just to supplement the original Medicare plans. Both Medicare original and Medigap plans pay their share and cover the medical costs individually. Medigap plans cover the costs that are left out by original Medicare. The cost which is not covered in the Medicare plan is known as the coverage gap and as the name depicts, Medigap fills this gap.

Similarly, Medicare does not cover the amount exceeding Medicare-Approved amount and the purchase cost for the Medigap policy. We believe it or not, the old age brings a lot of diseases. The medical expenses are so high that even MediCare plans cannot fully cover them. It is a wise decision to go for the supplementary Medicare plan such as Medigap. AZMEDICARE one of the top Medigap policy providers, makes Standardized Medigap policies available for the people of Phoenix. These standardized Medigap policies are designed with the approval of US health department.

These policies are labeled by letters A, B. C. D. F, G, K, L, M and N. These are called as standardized policies because all the services providers offer the same coverage plans that meet a certain set standard. It should also be noted that all these plans have same benefits but their cost varies from one company to another.

Selecting a Medigap plan should be entirely based on your needs. You can chose the plan which best suits your requirements. Policies are renewable and the insurance provider cannot cancel your policy unless you are not willing to pay the premium amount. In addition to Medicare, the patient has to pay premium amount for this policy.  

In contrast to Medigap health insurance in Arizona, the Medicare coverage is not much comprehensive. It can only be availed in a couple of ways. The first one is original Medicare consisting of Part A, Part B or Part C. Part A is the hospital insurance while Part B is medical insurance. Part C is a standalone plan which is used as a substitute for original Medicare, Part C is also known as Medicare advantage. It is administered by Medicare-approved private insurance companies like AZMEDICARE that operates in Phoenix, Arizona. In some cases, the users of original Medicare and Medicare advantage can get prescription drug coverage after purchasing Part D. Besides buying part D, they can also go for the Medicare supplemental insurance or Medigap. The users have to choose among Part D and Medigap as these are mutually exclusive.

Medicare Supplement insurances by AZMEDICARE:

  • Aetna Medicare Supplement insurance plan:

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans are offered in addition to Medicare Part A and Part B to help eligible individuals pay for additional healthcare costs, like deductibles and co-payments. This plan is available in fifteen states, and allows members to visit doctors and hospitals of your choosing. The plans offered are A, B, F, G and N and are designed to enhance Medicare coverage. The benefits of this plan includes 20% medicare approved expenses, hospitalization coverage for 365 days and, first three pints of blood per year and Part A coinsurance.

  • Blue Cross-Blue Shield:

Blue Cross-Blue Shield Arizona also known as BSBSAZ offers a supplemental insurance plan which covers expenses not duly covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. These plans are offered in addition to Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. They do not work with Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage plans) or other insurance plans you may have as part of your retirement benefits. AZMEDICARE also offers BCBSAZ senior security plans with four medical supplemental insurance options.

  1. BCBSAZ Senior Security Plan A
  2. BCBSAZ Senior Security Plan C
  3. BCBSAZ Senior Security Plan F
  4. BCBSAZ Senior Security Plan N

Every plan has its own benefits. It’s totally up to the patients that in which type of plan he/she is interested.. Plan C and Plan N are mostly preferred by the patients between the ages 65-67.

  • Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Mutual of Omaha offers Medigap insurance plans that are designed to reduce co-pays, premiums and deductibles for services provided by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans. Although different private insurance companies offer Medigap policies, all Medigap policies are standardized, so all Medigap Plan A policies offer the same coverage, regardless of which insurer provider. Mutual of Omaha offers five Medigap insurance plans i.e. Plan A, Plan F, Plan G, Plan M and Plan N. The difference in these plans lie in their cost and the coverage percentage. Depending on your case, you can select any one of these plans. These options provide you the opportunity to create the plan that’s just right for you. AZMEDICARE has always wanted to provide its clients the power to customize the insurance plans.



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