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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Our bodies have a tendency to grow sick more frequently as we grow older. Although there are various health conditions that are not age specific, our body does become vulnerable to various health conditions, diseases and disabilities as we cross the age 60. This is because of a combination of physical and chemical changes in our body, and the weakening tissues and immune system. That is why, it is recommended seniors have reliable medicare plans. The state of Arizona has introduced several medicare supplement insurance plans which have been designed specifically to help the elderly.

The residents of Arizona can choose whether they wish to have a Medigap policy or the Medicare Advantage. Both of these have been designed to help the beneficiaries manage their medical costs by allowing them access to well respected medical health insurance providers. Each of these have their own way of operating, and provide different packages. Some may provide certain medicare facilities without any monthly premium or recurring costs while others may offer additional services such as dental care while charging the same amount as basic medical coverage. That is why, we cannot say that there is one best plan for everyone, because depending upon the needs and condition of an individual, their preferences may vary.

medicare supplement insuruance plans in arizona

In the state of Arizona, more than 15% of the population is aged 65 or above (the term ‘seniors’ is used for anyone who is aged 65 or above). Many private healthcare and medicare supplement insurance providers in Arizona exist for the sole purpose of providing additional medicare services to this segment of the population. The question that arises here is why would someone need medicare supplement insurance plans in Arizona when they can avail medicare? The answer is, while one cannot find supplements with no monthly premium or charges (medicare supplement insurance plans are never free), they can be combined with the medicare to provide additional benefits to the beneficiaries. This also helps them by reducing their out-of-the pocket costs by covering their additional expenses, and by allowing them to see specialists of their choice. Normally, seeing a specialist requires a referral from a physician. Depending upon your medicare supplement insurance plan, you might not have to worry about network doctors or referrals to the specialists.

In Arizona, there is no difference between the supplemental plans despite the fact that 10 different plans exist. The difference, however, lies in the premium of the private insurance companies. Depending upon the expenses or services of a company, their charges or monthly premium may differ from what someone else is offering. However, one always has a good choice of a medicare supplement or advantage plan depending upon their medical conditions and prescription needs. This is important because sometimes we face expenses we don’t expect.

For instance, not many people are aware that the cost of prescriptions is not covered in the original medicare or medigap plans. For this purpose, people often need to get the medicare Part D plan. To be eligible for this, one simply needs to be a resident of Arizona aged above 65 and is enrolled in both medicare plans A and B. The amount charged for medicare supplement plans also depends upon the place they live, and their medical condition. This is the reason that some consumers find it quite confusing to search for the right medicare supplement insurance plan providers in Arizona.

The very reason we use the term ‘Medigap’ for medicare supplement insurance plans is because it helps an individual pay the gap between the amount paid by their original medicare providers, and what they have to pay from their own pockets.

If we talk about different Medigap coverage options, we notice that there are 10 different choices. These plans are labeled with alphabet, and are in groups A-D, F-G, and K-N. If you are wondering about the missing letters, it is because plans E, H, I and J are no longer available in Arizona.

The period for Medigap enrollment begins on the first day of the month when you turn 65. Afterwards, you would have 6 months to enroll for the supplement plan provided that you have original Medigap policy. You may choose between plan C and plan D depending whether you require Medicare Advantage plans or prescription coverage.

The important thing that everyone must know is that they must get themselves enrolled for the supplement plans within the 6 month period of open Medigap enrollment. If you do so, the companies would not be able to decline medicare supplement insurance plans to you. Generally, what happens is that companies deny medicare supplement insurance plans to certain individuals when they think that they would incur heavy expenses to the company. At times, the insurance companies also make changes to your monthly premium (by increasing it) if a you enroll outside of the specified 6 month period. However, you would not have to worry about that if you get enrolled within the 6 month period, regardless of your medical condition.

If you enroll for the Plan C (medicare advantage plan), you cannot use a Medigap policy and the companies would refuse to sell you one. However, if you turn back to your original Medicare plan within your first year of joining, you may earn a special right to sign up for a Medigap Supplement plan.

Generally, companies determine the premiums on three basis, that are: non-age-rated, entry-age-rated and attained age rated. Depending upon your needs, you may find a company that offers the best medicare supplement insurance plans in Arizona. You must invest in the right place because a good choice can cover a lot of healthcare costs for you.

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