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Medicare, Medicare advantage and Medigap plans

Health is a blessing and its importance is only known to those who lack it. Ill health is resulted due to numerous reasons. Aging is one of the top reasons. Yes, elderly people become prey to most of the diseases and their care and treatment is of utmost importance. Some of the diseases are related to seniors only. Being old and weak, you need the best care so that you can fight against all the diseases. In Arizona, senior health care insurance policies are offered to address these needs. Now you might be thinking that you are old, or what age should be considered as old age for you.medicare

Well, no age can be declared as the old age. People stay fit and healthy even in their 90s. On the other hand, some people in their 40s surrender to the old age. It all depends on your lifestyle. A healthy and balanced life style leads to a better health throughout the life. In the US, a person above the age of 65 is considered to be a senior citizen. This age limit is set on the basis of average calculated from the data of the population. It is also found that some specific diseases are found in the people aging 65 or above. Some of the diseases are as follows:

Prostate: The prostate enlargement is the disease caused primarily due to the old age. In severe cases it may lead to the prostatic cancer. The treatment for prostatic cancer is expensive and the best way to afford its treatment is health insurance.

Dental: Tooth and gum decay is normal for the elderly people. They often see the dental surgeon for dental problems. It is also thought that your mouth is the wallet for a dentist. The expensive dental treatment can only be afforded if you have a balanced health insurance policy.

Vision: The vision starts fading away once you cross the 65 figure. Cataract is a gift of old age which needs to be operated within a certain time period. Nowadays, cataract is operated using laser technology and optical lenses. It is appreciable if you manage to bear the expenses through an insurance policy.

Blood transfusion: The problem of blood transfusion is much expensive. The patient needs at least 3-4 rounds of transfusion. In Arizona, the US state offers some health insurance plans which exclusively covers it.

The list of diseases will go on and on, but the point of attention is solution to all these problems. In Arizona, the US state health department has offered health insurances for both the elderly and disabled persons. The basic health insurance plan is called Medicare plan which is directly administered by the federal government. It is comprised on Part A and Part B. Its extension is called the Medicare Advantage plan which also contains Part C and Part D. The most advance form of health insurance plan in Arizona is Medigap health insurance plans.

Medicare health insurance plans:

As mentioned above, it is federal health insurance program for different categories of people including who are aged 65 or older, includes younger people with disabilities, and people having End-Stage Renal Diseases. Every country has its own Medicare policies while the unfortunate countries don’t even have the basic medical insurance plans. The different parts of Medicare help in Phoenix, Arizona cover specific services that are mentioned as follows:

Part A: it covers the expenses on the hospital insurance. This Medicare policy is capable of covering inpatient hospital care, care in a skilled nursing environment, hospice care, and some health care. The participants are entitled free Part A insurance if the participant is 65 years of age and participant or his/her spouse has paid Medicare taxes for last ten years. A participant is also eligible of free Part A insurance if he receives social security or Railroad benefits. Same is the relaxation for the participants who worked for the government agency that offered Medicare coverage as an employment benefit. The patients who are less than 65 years of age and have either a full social security or kidney disease, are entitled to Part A of Medicare original for free.

Part B: It covers specific doctor fees, diagnostic tests, durable medical equipment, ambulance service prosthetic device, medical supplies and preventive services. Every medicare plan has at least Part A and Part B. it is an optional insurance coverage that can help reduce the cost of medical care. Plan B reimburses the reasonable cost up to 80%. In some procedures 100% reasonable cost is reimbursed. The insured party is responsible for the costs that are not covered by the Part B medicare original plan. Unlike Part A, every eligible participant, regardless of age, employment benefits or disability status must pay Medicare Part B health care premiums, if non-hospital health care coverage through Medicare is desired. Medicare Part B premiums can be withdrawn from a participant’s monthly Social Security, Railroad Retirement or Civil Retirement check. If a participant receives none of these payments, Medicare will send a quarterly bill for Part B premium.

These rules are directly state administered and no private insurance company can mold these rules. However, Medicare Advantage and Medigap insurance plans gives some flexibility while choosing them.

Medigap health insurance plans:        

The Medigap health insurance plans fill the gaps that remain after the Medicare insurance coverage. Sold by the private insurance companies, the Medigap policies cover some of the health care cost that Medicare doesn’t cover like copayments, coinsurance and deductibles. If you buy a Medigap policy with the original Medicare plan, Medicare pays its share while the Medigap pays its own share. Paying a premium amount for the Medigap plan will result in covering all the medical expenses from hospitalization to the blood transfusion. These plans are also known as Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans. Arizona Medigap policy offers twelve different Medigap plans labeled through A to L. All you need is to select the plan which suits the requirements best.

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