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What Are Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans and What They Cover

In the state of Arizona, about 15% of the population is aged 65 year or above. Generally, anyone who has turned 65 falls under the category of “elderly”. When we think of the elderly, one thing that comes to mind is the health care and medicare insurance plans. The reason is fairly simple. This age group is more prone to healthcare problems and diseases than others. Research shows that the majority of global healthcare and medical charges are attributed to the elderly.

Having Arizona medicare supplement plans for the elderly is so important because of the the fact that there is multiple diseases and healthcare conditions that affects the elderly. There are many conditions and diseases that generally target an individual aged 65 or above at once. While the weakening tissues and weaker organs makes even the routine tasks difficult for an individual, the weaker immune system allows many other diseases to attack a person as well. The result of this is what we see in the form of multiple prescriptions.

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Normally, when we see someone taking different pills and medicine, we imagine that they have it all covered by some health insurance company. However, it all takes its toll on the pocket when one realizes that these are not covered under the original medicare plan. Yes that is right! One has to purchase additional Arizona medicare supplement plans to cover the cost of prescription and other medical utilities and services.

Realizing this need, the medicare and the insurance companies joined hands to introduce several Arizona medicare supplement plans. A total of 10 different Arizona medicare supplement plans are available which are A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. Some other plans such as Plan E,and H etc are no longer available. Under these plans, all the private insurance companies provide same services under a specific plan. For instance, all the private insurance companies would provide insurance for prescription drugs under the Part D.

However, there is no restriction on the charges for a specific plan. Some companies include multiple packages within a specific medicare supplement plan. For instance, under the Part D, a company may offer a cheaper plan with a specific list of drugs they would cover, while offering a more costly package which covers a comprehensive list of medication.

Here is what you need to know about different Arizona medicare supplement plans.

Plan A and B

Plan A and B are also called the “original medicare” plans because they only cover the basic medicare. Basically, both plan A and Plan B give similar benefits. However, there lies some minor differences about the payment. For instance, if you go for Plan A, you would be liable to pay your medicare expenses for both Part A and Part B.

Under Plan A, you get more coverage. So, it would be ideal for you if you want more coverage but don’t think that you would be relying too much on the healthcare services. The benefit that you would get under Plan A is that you won’t have to pay any extra if you need extra medicare coverage. However, at times, you might have to pay some extra cost. The Plan A would include basic coverage for your hospitalization, medical expenses and hospice care.

If you opt for Plan B, you would get basic benefits of hospitalization and medical expenses only. However, there are some additional benefits besides these, such as, you get a little added coverage for hospitalization. If you want more coverage for hospital expenses, then this is the right plan for you.

The benefits that you get depend upon the plan your select at your Arizona medicare supplement plans provider.

Plan C

This is what you should opt for if you need some extra insurance. The Plan C includes coverage for the things that are generally not included in the original Plans A and B. By opting for Plan C, you get most of your medicare expenses and costs. You can have a sense of security that most of your expenses are covered. However, there are certain restrictions upon the amount you can spend, this depends upon the package you choose. At times, you may have to pay additional costs if your doctor charges more than the allowed limit. Apart from benefits covered under Plan A and B, the Plan C also provides skilled nursing, and medical emergency help for abroad travels.

Plan D

The Plan D covers the medical prescription costs. It often surprises people when they find out that their prescription is not covered under their original Arizona medicare supplement plans and thus they have to make these expenses out of their pockets. At times, there are medicines that are very costly. So, it is better to have a Plan D if you wish to have your prescription costs covered.

Plans F and G

These are only plans that cover the excess charges when you see a doctor. So, even if your doctor charges extra than what your medicare Part B covers, you can rely upon these plans to take care of the rest. These plans are good for those who prefer to see specific doctors, even if they charge a bit extra but don’t wish for additional out of pocket charges.

Plans K, L, M and N

If you have low budget, these are the plans that you should go for. These plans offer basically the same benefits as other Arizona medicare supplement plans do. However, you get the benefits at a lower monthly premium. However, they do offer an out of the pocket maximum under which, you have an annual limit to the amount you will have to pay out of your pocket.

Please look at different the Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans to select the one that is best for you.

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